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Extra Long Window Seat Cushion - Custom for Abby from TwistMePretty
Posted on January 12 2018 by homeofwool
"So I thought it was about time I share a few details on this space!!! First of all, it's one of our favorite spots in the whole house, I can't wait to show you what it looked like before the renovation! The window seat cushion is from @homeofwool . Rosica is literally a GEM to work with and her product is made from 100% pure wool. Beyond luxurious + safe for those with allergies!!!..." - Abby Smith on on Jan 11, 2018 via Instagram
Tufted Bay Window Cushion Non-Standard Shape and Custom Gray Fabric for Myron
Posted on January 08 2018 by homeofwool
"You couldn't ask for more from Rosica. She has great communication, and I am very happy with my cushions from her. They are very good quality." - myron3 on Jan 6, 2018 via Etsy
Tufted Bench Cushion with Non-Piped Edges - Custom for Mendy
Posted on January 03 2018 by homeofwool
"Thick, heavy material, quality work. Thank you" - Mendy on Dec 28, 2017 via Etsy
Wool-filled Dog Bed - Cotton/ Linen Cover - for Danielle
Posted on December 28 2017 by homeofwool
"Luna, my rescue pup, in her new Christmas bed by @homeofwool it is beautifully made of cotton, linen and 100% wool mattress. And they shipped #zarowaste! She is in love 😍" - Danielle from zerowastelove on Dec 28, 2017 via Instagram
Wool-Filled Pet Bed With Boards and Linen Fabric for Lu Anne
Posted on December 18 2017 by homeofwool
"Beau’s bed made it yesterday!  He loves it so much!The quality of the bed was “so” worth the wait. I shared the photo and a friend who works with Corgis asked for your website!Thank you so much for A+ service. "- Lu Anne sent via mail on 16th of Dec, 2017
Wool-Filled Baby Crib Mattress and Protector for Jess
Posted on December 05 2017 by homeofwool
"Absolutely beautiful, high quality product (and packaging)!!! The crib mattress is perfect! It's soft yet firm and supportive. It simultaneously feels cuddly to my baby and firm enough to give me peace of mind regarding SIDS. I wish I had found this a year ago before a waisted my money on a crib mattress from a more main-stream, "natural" brand (here in The States) - it was firm like they recommend for safety, but my daughter hated it and slept horribly on it. She LOVES her Home of Wool crib mattress." - jessi0201 on Dec 4, 2017 via Etsy
Wool-Filled Queen Mattress with Cotton Cover for Taryn
Posted on December 05 2017 by homeofwool
"After a lot of indecisiveness and weighting the risk of buying a queen size mattress from across the world that we couldn't try out first, we took the plunge and finally received this 100% wool mattress (outer layer is oeko tex certified unbleached cotton) in the mail today all the way from Bulgaria from @homeofwool . We haven't given it a full nights rest and Rainy thinks it's a giant dog bed - our (husband, dog, and myself) initial reaction is that it is pure luxury (and we had a luxury mattress as defined by western standard) and this was so worth the wait. We almost fell asleep when we rolled it out of the packaging...it smells so good, like put your face in it and take a deep whiff, good 😍 It smells so natural(no off-gassing) and I can't believe every bed isn’t made of wool. I'll report back in a month and give you an update on if we sleep better, if husband has reduced pain and if I have reduced skin allergies(all reasons we sourced a wool mattress). Now we're just patiently waiting for an appropriate time to go to bed...😂"- Taryn Trzcinski on Dec 1, 2017 via Instagram
Wool-Filled Mattresses, Pillows, Mulberry Silk Sheets and Pillowcases for Kimberly Hinrichs
Posted on November 17 2017 by homeofwool
"Wow my bed is amazing! I received it very well packaged and secure. Homeofwool answered all my questions and helped me pick the best size for my adjustable bed. I needed to match my husbands side as it is a split king. It is made so well and really beautiful. I got the wool cover on the bed (2) pieces and the silk sheet to cover. I couldn’t be more happy. I have spent a full week now and don’t suffer with the terrible night sweats. Just rotated it was a bit heavy but with help it was fine. I’m glad I spent the money on a bed I know I will be enjoying for many many years. No dust mites either!! Love wool. Thank you Home of Wool!!"
"I love my pillow and cases. The pillow arrived well packaged and safe. The pillow was a bit stuffed to much for me, so I unzipped it and removed some of the wool. I love how you can customize it that way! Very comfortable and no more hot head at night. Will order more as Homeofwool is the best."
 "I love my silk cases. The healing properties of this natural product are wonderful. Along with my wool pillow I sleep like a baby. Thanks again Home of Wool for the great products you make." - Kimberly Hinrichs on Nov 16, 2017 via Etsy
Wool-Filled Crib Mattress for Sophia Scagliotti
Posted on November 15 2017 by homeofwool
"He's so EXCITED to sleep in his new bed. I was on the hunt for a CLEAN mattress for this kid with none of the nasties like synthetic material and flame retardants (crunchy mama right here 🙋🏼 ). Well the wait was long but it's here! @homeofwool makes one hell of a product! 👌🏼 - sophiascagliotti on Feb 23, 2017 via Instagram
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