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Wool-Filled Mattresses, Pillows, Mulberry Silk Sheets and Pillowcases for Kimberly Hinrichs
Posted on November 17 2017 by homeofwool
"Wow my bed is amazing! I received it very well packaged and secure. Homeofwool answered all my questions and helped me pick the best size for my adjustable bed. I needed to match my husbands side as it is a split king. It is made so well and really beautiful. I got the wool cover on the bed (2) pieces and the silk sheet to cover. I couldn’t be more happy. I have spent a full week now and don’t suffer with the terrible night sweats. Just rotated it was a bit heavy but with help it was fine. I’m glad I spent the money on a bed I know I will be enjoying for many many years. No dust mites either!! Love wool. Thank you Home of Wool!!"
"I love my pillow and cases. The pillow arrived well packaged and safe. The pillow was a bit stuffed to much for me, so I unzipped it and removed some of the wool. I love how you can customize it that way! Very comfortable and no more hot head at night. Will order more as Homeofwool is the best."
 "I love my silk cases. The healing properties of this natural product are wonderful. Along with my wool pillow I sleep like a baby. Thanks again Home of Wool for the great products you make." - Kimberly Hinrichs on Nov 16, 2017 via Etsy
Wool-Filled Crib Mattress for Sophia Scagliotti
Posted on November 15 2017 by homeofwool
"He's so EXCITED to sleep in his new bed. I was on the hunt for a CLEAN mattress for this kid with none of the nasties like synthetic material and flame retardants (crunchy mama right here 🙋🏼 ). Well the wait was long but it's here! @homeofwool makes one hell of a product! 👌🏼 - sophiascagliotti on Feb 23, 2017 via Instagram
Tufted Wool-Filled Floor Cushion - Custom for Iveta M.
Posted on November 13 2017 by homeofwool
"I used the cushion as a seat for an entry hall furniture made of barnboard. It is beautiful, very well made and feels good. The seller's packaging, notes, string and an envelope with needle for fixing the cushion shows great attention to detail and love of their product. Highly recommended!" - ivetamay on Nov 11, 2017 via Etsy
Heavy Wool Blanket , Wool Protector, Wool-Filled Topper and Mattress for Sheryl
Posted on November 03 2017 by homeofwool
''Nice and warm wool blanket! I love how beautiful it looks on our bed.''''Perfect fit! I like the protection for this mattress. Thanks!''''Truly comfortable!''''Beautiful mattress! I loved how carefully the mattress was packaged, Even my husband got excited opening up the package and seeing the mattress, topper, and mattress protector. All of the items were expertly made and showed very fine workmanship. We also loved the sweet notes. Thank you!'' - Sheryl Call on Nov 2, 2017 via Etsy
Wool Bassinet Mattress - Custom for Alegra
Posted on November 03 2017 by homeofwool
''Excellent communication and final product. I did a custom order and it fits perfectly in our family heirloom bassinet. The quality is exactly what I was looking for and no harsh chemicals for baby. Very happy with purchase!'' Alegra Howard on Oct 30, 2017 via Etsy
Multiple Wool-Filled Items for Mona
Posted on October 26 2017 by homeofwool
"We purchased several products from HoW: K size mattress, K size topper, wool pillow, K size Duvet insert and 2 pet beds.  Every item has exceeded our expectation with regard to comfort, craftsmanship and beauty.  I am so happy to have finally found the perfect mattress.  This store is a treasure.  We'll be back for more!" - Mona Bazzi posted on 25.10.2017 via Site
Tufted Wool-Filled Chair Cushion - Custom for Angie
Posted on October 18 2017 by homeofwool
"I love my custom made cushions. Home of wool made it so easy to order and they got here really fast. I am very pleased. Great quality." -Angie Spence on Oct 17, 2017 via Etsy
Bassinet Mattress and Wool Protector - Custom for Emily Z.
Posted on October 08 2017 by homeofwool
"Our custom sized bassinet mattress and piddle pad are absolutely beautiful! The fit is perfect, and quality and craftsmanship are superb. Ivan answered all questions promptly and helped me select the perfect options for our needs. Shipping was quick, considering that there is an ocean (and several states) between Home of Wool and our house. I am hoping to order again when it's time to replace mattresses for the larger members of our family :-) Thanks so much for a natural, sustainable, non-toxic, earth-friendly product!" -Emily Zelch  on Oct 4, 2017 via Etsy
Mulberry Silk Queen Size Duvet & Cover for Christina H.
Posted on October 08 2017 by homeofwool
"We purchased a silk, queen size duvet & cover. Our firsts. They arrived put together & beautiful. We've been using them for a week or two now and love it. We love the fabric which has gotten softer, the adorable tiny tag at the bottom to help me remember which way to lay it, and the pretty ties up 1 side which we haven't had a single problem with. We haven't had any problem with the duvet and cover getting all mashed up as duvets are known for. Love the fabric. Love weight of the duvet. Love it's perfect size. Love how it looks. Love the character in the fabric. Thank you, HomeOfWool!!" - Christina Horne on Oct 4, 2017 via Etsy
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